What micron size should I use for my rosin pressing?

For most people, it can be confusing to see all the different micron sizes for rosin press bags on the market.  There’s a wide range of micron sizes from 25 micron all the way up to 220 micron, but how do we know which micron rosin bags to pick so we get a perfect press?… Well the answer is depending on what type of material you are planning to press.


The micron size is referring to how big the nylon screen filter holes are.  So any micron size 90 or larger is referring to larger hole sizes in the bag.  The larger hole size allows more plant material to flow through the bag when heat pressing.  If you are planning to press larger flowers, these larger micron sizes are more towards your needs. These larger micron sizes allow for maximum yields, however there will be more plant material in your rosin.  This is why our 90 micron rosin press bags are very popular because they hold most of the plant material inside the bag while producing a great yield for flower material.  So if you are planning to press flower material, consider any micron size 90 or greater depending on how much yield you want to produce and how much plant material you want in your rosin.


Now the smaller micron sizes, which are considered between the range of 25-90 micron, have very fine, smaller holes in the nylon press screen bags.  These smaller micron bags produce cleaner, solvent-less rosin because they barely allow plant material to flow through the bag.  This is why rosin pressers use these smaller micron sizes for dry sift, hash, bubble hash, or kief material.  You can still produce great yields with these micron sized bags while pressing more delicate and finer material, which is why 25 micron rosin bags are very popular for people that like to press hash material.


We came up with a quick and simple guide on deciding what micron size to choose for certain types of material:

  • Flower or Trim Material: 90-220 micron
  • Dry Sift or Kief Material: 25-90 micron
  • Bubble Hash Material: 25-45 micron

As you become a more experienced rosin presser, you will know what micron size you like the best depending on the material you are pressing.


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