Bottle Tech Style Rosin Press Bags

Bottle Tech Style has become a very popular technique used to press flower rosin. When pressing Bottle Tech Style (BTS), Bottle Tech Style Rosin Press Bags are packed and placed on the press in a certain way so the end result is a circle and not the traditional rectangle. Many feel this allows the presser to maintain better control over how much pressure they apply and when it is applied. This leads to higher yields with reproducible results. 


Bottle Tech Style Rosin Press Bags differ from traditional rosin bags by the placement of the seams . Traditionally, the seams are on one side of the rosin bag and the bottom. Bottle Tech Style Rosin Press Bags are stitched on opposite sides. The placement of the seams on the sides allows the rosin to flow more evenly when pressed BTS. 


Gutenberg’s Dank Pressing Co. Bottle Tech Style Rosin Press Bags are made in the 2×4 inch size. They are offered in 90µ, 120µ, 160µ, and 220µ. Packs contain either 10 or 20 rosin bags.


To press BTS using Bottle Tech Style Rosin Press Bags, first use a chopstick or similar slim rod to poke the bottom corners of the bag inward. The bottom of your rosin bag should now resemble a “V”. Next, pack your BTS rosin bag as you normally would. Remove stems and use small/medium sized nugs. Create a base at the bottom and build up. Be careful to avoid air pockets. Leave about ½ inch of space at the top to “close” the rosin bag. It is “closed” by just folding over the top. 


Place your packed rosin bag onto the press standing upright so the bottom of the bag is on the bottom plate and the top, “closed”, part of the rosin bag is on the top plate. After pressing, your rosin bag will resemble a circle.

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