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3 Reasons Why Rosin Is The Best Concentrate

Have you heard of rosin? Rosin, within the cannabis community is a highly potent marijuana concentrate. Literally, rosin is the process of extracting THC and other cannabinoids and terpenes from either flower or hash material with the use of heat and pressure. Many cannabis connoisseurs swear by rosin and it has become more popular among the average cannabis user. Here are three (3) reasons why rosin is the best and has become popular and is therefore the best cannabis product.

  1. No Solvents
    • As mentioned above, to rosin a material is the process of applying heat and pressure to extract the concentrated form of the main molecules that make up the starting material. In this case, the starting material is cannabis and the rosin will be made up of mostly THC along with lower levels of other cannabinoids and terpenes. Some other popular cannabis concentrates include shatter, wax, crumble, and hash oil. All of these are in a concentrate category called BHO (butane hash oil). The process to make these concentrates involves the use of butane as a solvent. This solvent is passed through cannabis, allowing the solvent to pick up the main cannabinoids of the plant (THC, CBD, etc.). Then this mixture of solvent and cannabinoids is allowed to dry and the solvent is purged away leaving only the cannabis concentrate. Without proper purging, there is a chance some of this solvent could remain in the BHO. This impurity is not considered at all healthy when users go to smoke their concentrate.
    • The rosin process involves the use of zero solvents. The unmatched level of purity in rosin when compared to other concentrates is just one of several reasons that rosin is the best cannabis product around.
  2. Higher Potency
    • The higher the potency, the less users need to get what to where they want to be. Much of the flower on the market from medical and recreational shops ranges from the low 20’s to about 33% total cannabinoids (THC/THCa making up the large majority). While this is indeed very quality, when compared to the best rosin having upwards of 80% total cannabinoids, the potency is unmatched. Of course, high quality rosin requires you to have started with high quality flower or hash. As the saying goes, “Fire in, Fire out”!
  3. You Can Make Rosin At Home!
    • That’s right people, you can make this cannabis gold right in your own home! To get it done you’ll need a few things:
      • Properly hydrated starting material (hash or flower)
      • Parchment paper
      • A utensil to handle the rosin without touching it with your hands
      • A rosin press (the machine used to apply heat and pressure)
      • High quality rosin bags
    • To begin, properly hydrated buds or hash must be loaded into the rosin bags. Rosin bags are fine mesh bags that vary in mesh size (measured in microns) and in size. What rosin bag you use depends on several factors such as what the starting material is (flower requires lower micron sizes, hash needs higher) and how much starting material there is as more material requires a larger bag. Once the ideal bag is chosen and properly packed, it can be placed into the rosin press. The rosin is then ‘squished’ out onto the wax paper, leaving you with high quality, potent rosin. There are many brands of rosin presses and bags out there and it is up to you to do a bit of research into what other extractors are using for their in-home set ups.

ashers finest rosin
(rosin is the best contributor: Asher’s Finest Rosin)

One such extractor, Erik Asher, travels along the east coast teaching the average cannabis consumer how they can turn their flower or hash into rosin in the comfort of their own home. At a recent event at the Greener Institute in Hatboro, PA, Erik showed an excited crowd just the type of quality they could produce themselves. When speaking about Gutenberg’s Dank Pressing Company’s rosin bags, Erik had nothing but compliments as he noticed there were “no blowouts” and that the bags “held really well”.

Probably most important for at-home rosin pressers is that the rosin process is much safer than attempting to produce BHO. The solvents used in BHO are highly flammable and an improper setup could have disastrous results.

Reasons rosin is the best concentrate
(Why Is Rosin The Best by Gutenberg’s Dank Pressing Co.)

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