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Flower Rosin Pressing Humidity

When it comes to pressing flower, there are many different factors that come into play for what your rosin output will be like. Many of these factors can include flower strain, temperature pressed at, amount of time pressed, the PSI of the press, and humidity of the...

How To Properly Use Your Rosin Bags

We see a lot of people out there having trouble or just simply confused on how to use rosin press bags correctly.  So we came up with a simple guide on how to squish plant material with ease.... First, it's important to be aware that different plant material should be...

What Micron Size Do I Choose for My Rosin Pressing?

What micron size should I use for my rosin pressing? For most people, it can be confusing to see all the different micron sizes for rosin press bags on the market.  There's a wide range of micron sizes from 25 micron all the way up to 220 micron, but how do we know...

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