Micron Nylon Mesh Sheets

Rosin press nylon micron mesh sheets are used to press rosin in a way that avoids any yield loss due to the stitched seams found in traditional rosin bags. The sheets offered by Gutenberg’s Dank Pressing Co. are 6×6 and 12×12 inch squares. They are currently made in two micron sizes, 25µ and 37µ. These are the most popular micron sizes used for pressing hash rosin. Be on the lookout for more microns to be released soon!

More Info on Rosin Press Micron Nylon Mesh Sheets

The nylon mesh used in Gutenberg’s Dank Pressing Co. rosin press nylon micron sheets are the same as the famously durable nylon mesh used in our rosin bags. You can say goodbye to blowouts with these super strong nylon mesh sheets. Gutenberg’s Dank Pressing Co. rosin press nylon micron sheets are sold in both 20 packs and 100 packs for your serious hashers.

To press hash rosin using nylon filter sheets, first form your hash into a rectangular brick shape. You want to be careful to avoid any airports as this can cause uneven pressure build up which could lead to a blowout. Generally, a 6×6 inch square can fit about 7 grams to 14 grams of hash at a time. Lay your nylon filter square on a clean, flat surface. Place the hash brick at the bottom center of your nylon filter sheet. Make sure to leave about ½ – 1 inch of space from both the right and left sides to the edges of the hash brick. Now, begin to fold the nylon sheet around the mesh, folding from bottom to top. It is best practice to avoid any creases in the nylon filter sheet. You should be able to fold the hash brick about 3-4 times and this should act like you were double bagging your hash in a traditional rosin bag. The added durability means you can really crank up the pressure without worrying about a blowout. When fully folded, fold the left and ride sides of the nylon sheet inward and on the same side. No you are ready to press some hash rosin with seamless rosin press nylon micron sheets.

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