Chottle Tech Rosin Filter Sleeve

Gutenberg’s Nylon Rosin Filter Sleeve is just what you need to press flower rosin Chottle Tech Style. They are made with the same high quality nylon used in our ultra durable rosin bags. The chottle tech rosin filter sleeve only has a single stitched side and are open on both ends. You can use 1 of 4 sizes offered by Gutenberg’s Dank Pressing Co.: 2”x120”, 2”x360”, 3”x120”, 3”x360”. Cut whatever size you need for your pressing needs! The rosin filter sleeves currently are offered in four popular flower rosin microns: 37 micron, 90 micron, 120 micron, and 160 micron sizes. 

Unlike the traditional horizontal lay of a rosin bag, chottle tech involves placing your bag vertically on the press. After the press, it will resemble a circle rather than a traditional rectangle. Many feel that pressing chottle tech style can help you increase yields as no rosin is lost due to the closing of the rosin bag with other methods of pressing flower rosin. Done properly, the open ends will not contaminate your rosin either. Be sure to always pack your rosin filter sleeve with small-medium sized nugs (do not grind it up). Remove all stems so they do not puncture the nylon mesh. Be careful to avoid air pockets as these can cause uneven pressure build up and lead to a blowout.

Another advantage of pressing chottle tech style over traditional technique is a better control over the pressure applied. Because the surface area of the bag touching the plates is decreased, the pressure applied is more concentrated. More pressure control can mean higher yields and reproducible results.

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