Rosin Filter Tube

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A Rosin Filter Tube is used for pressing flower rosin Chottle Tech Style. Chottle Tech Style has become more and more popular recently among those who press flower rosin. Chottle Tech differs from both Bottle Tech Style and traditional style in the way the rosin filter bag is packed, how it is closed, and how it is placed on the press. Many feel that pressing flower rosin using Chottle Tech Style can help to increase your yields. It is also generally agreed that pressing Chottle Tech Style allows you to maintain better control over the pressure applied. This can mean reproducible results. 


More Info on the Rosin Filter Tube


Gutenberg’s Dank Pressing Co. offers several sleeve widths, lengths, and micron sizes; all so you can fit your rosin bag to your specific pressing needs. You can purchase Chottle Tech Rosin Filter Sleeves in either 2 inch or 3 inch width. The sleeve comes rolled up with a total length of either 120 inches or 360 inches. Currently we offer four micron options. Those are 37µ, 90µ, 120µ, and 160µ. Lower micron numbers will filter your material more as the spaces between the nylon mesh that makes up the sleeves are small. This can mean cleaner rosin, but it could sacrifice some yield. 


To press flower rosin by Chottle Tech Style using a rosin filter tube, first cut the sleeve to the size you want. A common cut is 4 inches so you essentially have a 2×4 inch bag. Leave the bottom of the sleeve open and begin to form your small-to-medium sized buds into a tight pack inside the filter sleeve. Be careful to avoid any stems that could tear the nylon mesh. Also be careful to avoid air pockets as these can cause uneven pressure build up and lead to a blowout. 


You can pack the sleeve from edge to edge without leaving any unused space. Once the rosin filter tube is packed, you are ready to go. Unlike other rosin pressing methods, with Chottle Tech Style, you do not close either side of the bag. Many feel that this can help to increase yields because the rosin needs to go through less filter material. Done properly, you will not see any flower contaminants in your rosin. Improper technique can cause some of the starting flower to slip through the open ends and into your rosin. 


Place the packed rosin filter tube onto the press plates vertically. The open top and bottom of the sleeve should be on the top and bottom press plates. This is similar to Bottle Tech Style pressing. After the press, the sleeve should resemble a circle.

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Weight N/A
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Micron Size

37u, 90u, 120u, 160u

Width Size

2 inches, 3 inches

Length Size

120 inches, 360 inches


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