Bulk Rosin Bags and Wholesale Rosin Bags

Interested in Gutenberg’s Dank Pressing Co. wholesale for your retail shop or bulk rosin bags for personal use? We offer both bulk rosin bags and wholesale rosin bags for retailers pricing options!

We are a family business based out of Philadelphia, PA USA crafting our premium rosin bags, bubble bags, and stainless steel micron sheets using our small batch production style methods to ensure high quality products for your solventless needs. Using our small batch production method, we can inspect every single one of our products to make sure they are at the highest of quality before use and minimizes blowouts. We offer 2 different options for your bulk rosin bags and wholesale rosin bags needs:

Bulk Rosin Bags for Personal Use

Bulk rosin bags are a crucial component of the rosin pressing process. Our premium rosin press bags are specially designed to hold cannabis or other plant material during the solventless extraction process. We use a our signature premium nylon material with our perfected double stitch sewing method that makes our products the highest durability and quality in the market. Bulk rosin bags are an ideal choice for large-scale commercial operations because they are available in larger quantities at a lower price per bag.

For our bulk rosin bags pricing options, we have a minium order quantity of 1,000 bags. This pricing option of bulk rosin bags is ideal for larger scale rosin pressing operations and commercial sized pressing. Buying in bulk also means that you will always have enough bags on hand for your operation, which is essential for maintaining efficiency and productivity.

Currently we make 1.5×4, 2×4, 2.5×4, 2.5×4.5, 3×6, and 4×7 inch sized bags that are readily available for bulk rosin bags pricing. The micron sizes we have readily available are 5u, 10u, 15u, 25u, 37u, 50u, 75u, 90u, 120u, 160u, and 220u. That’s not all!! We can make any size rosin bag and any micron size you need for your specific operation!

Wholesale Rosin Bags for Retail Stores

bulk rosin bags

For our wholesale rosin bags pricing options, we can provide all our products at wholesale pricing to any retailer that wishes to sell our products in their retail store! All we require is an EIN number for your business and we can pass along our wholesale pricing sheet.

Simply fill our the form below or contact [email protected] to let us know which pricing option you need and we can get in contact with you as soon as possible! We can also help assist with our hottest selling product variations and also find the perfect products for your store’s customer’s needs. 

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