Bubble Bags

Gutenberg’s Dank Pressing Co. Bubble Bags for sale are made with the same high quality nylon mesh used in our famously durable Rosin Bags. Bubble Bags have an entirely different use than Rosin Bags. Gutenberg’s Dank Pressing Co. Bubble Bags are to be used in an extraction method called “washing”. When washing, ice and water are mixed with flower in a bucket. The mixture is gently stirred. The combination of very cold water and stirring breaks the desirable trichomes away from the plant material. The mixture of ice, water, and flower is then filtered through different micron size Bubble Bags to “catch” the extract. Gutenberg’s Dank Pressing Co. Bubble Bags for sale are extremely durable so you never have to worry about any tears when washing. The nylon mesh bottoms are carefully sewn to cloth bodies; they can withstand hours of use.

Gutenberg’s Dank Pressing Co. Bubble Bags work with five (5) gallon buckets. We will be releasing other gallon-sized Bubble Bags very soon, so stay tuned! The five (5) gallon Bubble Bags generally work with about ½ pound of starting plant material. Our Bubble Bags come in a variety of micron sizes including: 25µ, 45µ, 73µ, 90µ, 120µ, 160µ, 190µ, and 220µ. A micron is one-millionth of a meter. Pretty small. For example, a piece of your hair is probably about 20-100 microns. When we talk about a Bubble Bag being a certain micron, we are referring to the very fine spaces between the nylon mesh at the bottom of the Bubble Bag. The trichomes you are collecting when washing are different sizes as well. When the wash mixture of ice, water, and plant material is filtered through our Bubble Bags, some trichomes will fall all the way through to the 25µ and others will be caught in the 45µ, 75, 90µ, 120µ, etc. Each micron size will “catch” different quality extract. The 220µ Bubble Bag is generally considered the “work bag” and the contents can be thrown away. It will contain unwanted plant material and the appearance will most likely have a green color. The 190µ Bubble Bag may have similar quality, but it could be a step up. You can choose to save it and use it for other purposes if you deem it quality enough. The 160µ Bubble Bag may contain good quality extract. The 120µ and the 90µ Bubble Bags will contain the best quality extract. The 73µ, 45µ, and 25µ Bubble Bags will contain extract in decreasing quality. 

Bubble Bags for sale are offered in sets of four (4), sets of five (5), or a full set of eight (8) Bubble Bags. The four (4) and five (5) Bubble Bag sets are designed so you may pick-and-choose which specific Bubble Bags you want in your set. We always suggest starting your wash with the 220µ Bubble Bag to catch all the unwanted plant material. From there it is entirely up to you which Bubble Bags are used to filter your mixture of ice, water, and plant material. Keep in mind that different micron bags will catch different qualities of extract. Popular combinations for Four (4) Bag Sets include: (25µ | 73µ | 120µ | 220µ) & (45µ | 90µ | 120µ | 220µ). Popular combinations for Five (5) Bag Sets include: (25µ | 73µ | 120µ | 160µ | 220µ) & (45µ | 90µ | 120µ | 160µ | 220µ).   

Gutenberg’s Dank Pressing Co. Bubble Bags can be washed and reused multiple times. Just run some cold water through the nylon mesh to remove any residual plant material. It is not suggested to use warm or hot water as this may clog the nylon mesh. If there is any plant material remaining, you can soak the mesh in isopropyl alcohol. It is best to avoid contacting the cloth of the Bubble Bag with the isopropyl alcohol as this can wear down the stitching.

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