100% Food Grade & Dye Free

Premium Rosin Bags

Amazingly Durable and Heat Resistant to Eliminate Blowouts

Squish Some fire


Our rosin press bags, “squish bags”, are made of top of the line nylon that is both 100% food grade and dye free.  We use a double stitching method so that our bags are very durable and heat resistant to eliminate blow outs while pressing rosin.

2x4 Inch Rosin Press Bags 90 Micron

Our most popular size for our premium rosin bags.  Perfect for pressing small batches of flower or finer material

2x4 Inch Rosin Press Bags 160 Micron

2nd most popular option for pressing flower and trim material.  Produces the maximum yield, but allows more plant material to flow through

Get the most out of your pressing

What Is Rosin Pressing?

Rosin pressing is an extraction process of combining pressure, time, and heat on plant material to create a product that is loaded with flavor and effects (rosin)

Where Can I Buy Gutenberg's Dank Pressing Co. Bags?

Both here on our website and Amazon!  We focus on top customer care with ecommerce purchases so we can ship you your bags with lightning speed.

Where Can I Learn More On How To Press Correctly?

The blog section of our website has guidelines on how to do a perfect pressing job.  We want you to get the most out of your rosin pressing so our guides are very easy to follow.

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