Rosin Micron Filter Sheets

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Rosin micron filter sheets are best used in the production of hash rosin. The sheets are used in the same way as traditional rosin bags, but with one major difference. The sheets do not have any stitched seams and you fold your own “bag”. Many hashers feel that the stitched seams of traditional rosin bags may catch rosin that you want squished out and collected. By folding your own rosin micron filter sheets around a hash brick, you have essentially made your own rosin bag, but without any pesky stitched seams. 

Rosin Micron Filter Sheets

Gutenberg’s Dank Pressing Co. rosin micron filter sheets are made with the same high quality nylon mesh used in the production of our famously durable rosin bags. This means no blowouts! They are a thing of the past. Currently, the nylon mesh sheets are offered in 25µ and 37µ micron sizes as these are the most popular micron sizes for pressing hash rosin. The sheets are 6×6 inch squares and come in either 20 packs or 100 packs for you heavy duty hashers. 

It is a pretty straight-forward process to fold your hash bricks into your rosin micron filter sheets. First, form your hash into a brick shape. It is very important to avoid air pockets when forming your hash brick. Air pockets can cause pressure to build up unevenly and this could mean a blowout.

The rosin micron filter sheets can fit about 7 grams to 14 grams of finer material. It is best not to overpack as this can cause a blowout. Lay your rosin micron filter sheet on a flat and clean surface. Place the brick of hash in the center, at the bottom of the sheet (side closest to you). Be sure there is about ½ to 1 inch of space on both the right and left edges of the sheet.

Now, begin to fold the hash brick into the rosin micron filter sheet, from bottom to top. Creases are not your friend in this situation. In fact, the process is more like rolling than folding. After three rolls you have pretty much done the same thing as double bagging traditional rosin bags. This means added durability so you can really crank up the pressure without worry of a blowout. When you have completely folded the hash into the nylon mesh sheet, fold the two ends inward and on the same side to “close” the “bag”. 

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6×6 inches, 12×12 inches

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20-Pack, 100-Pack

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