2×4 Inch Bottle Tech Style Rosin Press Bags

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Our bottle tech style rosin bags are made using a different stitching method than our traditional bags. The stitching seams are on opposite sides compared to just the bottom and one side. This makes it so when pressing bottle tech style, it provides more stability as you squish the bottle tech style rosin press bags vertically. Bottle tech style is set up putting the rosin bags up vertically and mean’t for pressing flower material.

The traditional method is considered “flat pack” where the rosin bag is just laid down horizontally. Still amazingly durable and heat resistant up to 375 degrees F. Made with premium, dye-free, 100% food grade, and double stitched nylon that minimizes blowouts.

Check out the blog section of our website to learn more.

2×4 inch bottle tech style rosin bags can fit up to:

  • 7 grams of flower material

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10-Pack, 20-Pack, 50-Pack, 100-Pack

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15u, 25u, 37u, 50u, 75u, 90u, 120u, 160u, 220u

1 review for 2×4 Inch Bottle Tech Style Rosin Press Bags

  1. Sir Wanistan (verified owner)

    I love these bags so much. I have tried a lot of different brands before finding Gutenberg and it’s the only bag I buy now. The double stitching means I don’t get blowouts at all anymore. I have a bag with several dozen pucks and not a single blowout. The only request I have is that they stock 50 and 100 counts so I can buy them in bulk more conveniently.

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