What is Piatella Hash and How to Make Piatella

What is Piatella Hash? Piatella Hash is in a league of its own. This hash has been called the best hash in the world and those who say this may not be wrong. It is a very unique product both in terms of the process to make it and the end result. A combination of cold curing and limiting oxygen exposure creates a buttery, terp dripping, hash that anyone would feel lucky to dab or add to their joint. In this article we will get into exactly what is Piatella Hash and how to make Piatella. It is in fact a pretty straightforward process that you can successfully do. 

What is Piatella Hash?

For those wondering, “what is Piatella Hash?”, the word ‘piatella’ comes from the Italian word for ‘flat’, ‘piato’. During the process of creating piatella hash, the bubble hash is vacuum sealed making it “flat”, hence the namesake. Piatella hash resembles cold cured hash rosin. It has a creamy, buttery consistency and it looks wet and glistens with terpenes. The appearance will make any hasher’s mouth water. Unlike hash rosin, piatella hash is made without the use of heat and pressure. This makes it a very unique product. Some have said that the hash resembles a loaf of bread when it is done with the curing process. Bread that cuts like butter.

Where Did Piatella Hash Come From?

Piatella hash first came on the scene from Uncle’s Farm Cannabis Social Club in Barcelona, Spain via hash master Zio. The hash was entered into the 2020 Ego Clash and took home the 3rd place prize. 

Is Piatella Hash the Same as Temple Balls?

You may wonder how piatella hash differs from hash temple balls made famous by Frenchy Cannoli. For one, making hash temple balls requires the use of heat and pressure via the rolling process with a wine bottle filled with hot water. Piatella hash relies on a cold cure technique and the most important element, time. The process also differs in how the trichomes are treated. Piatella hash keeps trichomes intact while hash temple balls use heat and pressure to break and form trichomes into something new.

How to Use Piatella Hash

Piatella hash is best when dabbed or added to a joint. Dab it like you would any concentrate. You might want to go at an extra low temperature to savor the terps!

Is Piatella Hash the Best Hash in the World?

Piatella hash has really great flavor and is super clean, but it is new and the community is always pressing forward. It is new and exciting and super high quality, but of course the “best hash” differs from grow to grow and from wash to wash and from cure to cure. Done properly, piatella hash definitely has a strong case for being the best of the best.

Where to Buy Piatella Hash

The originators of piatella hash hail from Barcelona, Spain at Uncle’s Farm Cannabis Social Club, but it has begun to pop up in the U.S. market as well. You can find piatella hash at certain dispensaries in Florida, Colorado, and a few other areas. It would be no surprise to begin seeing it more and more widely available so it is worth it to ask your local shop if they do or plan to carry piatella hash products.

How to Make Piatella Hash 

The process of making piatella hash is pretty straight forward, but, like other solventless products, you can go by the famous saying: “fire in, fire out”. If you do not start with top quality material, you will not get top quality hash. Zio from Uncle’s Farm made his piatella hash using 6-star bubble hash (full melt).

What is Piatella and How to Make Piatella by Gutenberg’s Dank Pressing Co.

Step-by-Step Guide to Making Piatella Hash

  1. Wash your flower and freeze dry your hash – freeze dried hash will have a lighter color and more terpene retention than air drying your hash.
  2. Remove oxygen exposure – this can be accomplished by vacuum sealing your hash or by placing it into an airtight container or wrapping it in cellophane.
  3. Cold cure and wait – cold curing allows the trichomes of the hash to naturally express without the use of heat or pressure. Keep the hash between 40℉ and 50℉ (4℃ – 10℃) and try to avoid temperature fluctuations. The process can take between 4 to 6 weeks.

That’s it! When done properly, your hash will be light and creamy like butter. It will also glisten and look wet with terpenes. It has a similar look to cold cured rosin.

Summary of What Is Piatella Hash and How to Make Piatella

Piatella hash has been called the best hash in the world due to its amazing flavor, long shelf life, buttery consistency, and impactful overall experience. It first came on the scene when Zio from Uncle’s Farm Cannabis Social Club (Barcelona, Spain) entered it into the 2020 Ego Clash and won 3rd place. It has a buttery consistency and absolutely drips with terpenes. It is made using a long duration cold cure method that allows the trichomes to express themselves without the use of heat or pressure. Remove oxygen exposure, place it in a cold environment, and wait about a month. If you are lucky enough to get your hands on some proper piatella hash, you will not be disappointed.

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