The Art of How to Make Hash Wraps

how to make hash wraps

What is a Hash Wrap?

If you have not heard of or seen hash wraps yet, it is probably because they are so new to the cannabis scene. They are a completely paperless and solventless “infused joint”. Instead of using rolling paper to contain the flower, a thin sheet of bubble hash is used in the paper’s place. Hash is sturdy enough to stand on its own and pliable enough that you can form it into a cone which can be filled with flower. This makes for a cannabis-only smoke; no papers needed! 

Hash wraps can be customized to your liking. Thick sheets of hash will smoke longer while thinner sheets will burn quicker. The smoke is thick and filled with flavor that is undisturbed by any flavor from the paper you are not not using. You can also pick what strains of hash to pair with what strains of flower you enjoy most. Maybe you use the same strain, or maybe you pair a gas flavor with a fruity flavor like Hashcru does.

We were lucky enough to speak with Hashcru about his process and preferences when rolling hash wraps. You can see his work on instagram and his website where you will be able to purchase the glass tips needed to roll hash wraps. Let’s dive into how to make hash wraps like the pros.

How to Make Hash Wraps

Necessary Materials for Hash Wraps

  • High quality bubble hash
  • High quality cannabis flower (ground up)
  • Non-stick gloves
  • Glass tip (for stability)
  • Rosin press
  • Parchment paper
  • Cold plate or refrigerator
  • Hash rosin (optional)
  • Matches or lighter for lighting it

Choose Your Hash

To begin your journey on how to make hash wraps, first you must choose what hash you will use as the wrap. High-quality hash will burn most evenly and have the best flavor. Consistency of your hash is also important. You want a consistency that you can form into a wrap shape (after flattening it with a rosin press). As for the strain of hash, that is entirely up to you. You may want the same strain as the flower you are using or you may want something to compliment the flower strain. Hashcru likes to pair a gas flavor with a fruity flavor.

Choose Your Flower

Now you must pick a flower strain. Fresh, properly humidified flower is the best to use. Flower that is too dry may burn quicker than the hash which makes for an uneven smoke. The strain you use is a personal choice. You may consider pairing your hash strain with a complimentary flower strain.

Flatten the Hash with a Rosin Press

It is now time to form your hash wrap. To do this you will need your hash, parchment paper, and a rosin press. If you do not have access to a rosin press, you could try using a heavy book or something to help flatten the hash into a thin sheet.

To begin, cut your parchment paper to a proper size. You will most likely be fine with about a 3 inch width (if your joint has a 1 inch diameter, that makes the circumference about 3 inches and that should match the width of your parchment paper). The length of your parchment paper should be 3x the length of your planned joint. For example, a 3 inch joint means you need to use a 9 inch length piece of parchment paper.

Hashcru with 3 sections of parchment paper

Now, fold your paper into 3 equal sections length-wise. Take your hash and place it into the middle section. Then fold the other two sections over to cover the hash. Next, you want to “seal” your hash into the parchment paper by folding in the open sides (similar to directional flow folding).

Hashcru Folding the edges of the parchment paper in

Once your hash is safely enclosed in the parchment paper, it is time to flatten it out to make your wrap. We suggest using a rosin press to accomplish this. Start by lightly tapping the parchment with your hands to evenly distribute the hash. Next, set your rosin press to low heat (140-170 F). You may also choose not to use any heat if you feel it may degrade the quality of your hash. Now, use the pressure of the rosin press to form the hash into a thin sheet. How thin you go is entirely up to you. Thicker sheets will probably burn longer, but you may also sacrifice some of the smoke to the atmosphere when smoking it.

Cool the Hash

After pressing your hash into a thin sheet, place the hash (still in the parchment) onto a cold plate or the refrigerator (cold plate preferred so you do not risk adding moisture from the refrigerator). Wait a few minutes for the hash to cool down.

Cone the Hash

Now it is time to form your hash into the cone you will fill with flower. First off, get those non-stick gloves on. Trust us, it will help.  Next, remove your hash from the parchment paper and fold it into a sort of ‘taco shell’. 

Hashcru hash after pressing thin

Take your glass tip and place it in the center of the shorter edge of your hash wrap. Now, wrap the hash fully around the glass tip and overlap the edges to create a cone or cylinder shape. 

Hashcru hash wrapped around glass tip

Stuff the Flower

The final step is to pack your hash wrap with your favorite flower. We suggest using ground up flower to make for a more even smoke. Do not pack it so tightly that air will not flow through the flower. It can be helpful to use something like a pen to poke the hash down to pack it. Hashcru mentioned that he sometimes stacks layers of different flower strains inside the cone. This can make for a pretty unique flavor profile. You may also consider topping the flower with a bit of hash rosin then a bit more flower. This will infuse the flower with hash rosin when you begin to smoke it. 

Light Up & Enjoy Hash Wraps (with friends)

Now the Hash wrap is complete and it is time to smoke! Use your lighter or matches to ignite the tip. We suggest puffing on the joint as you light it so that the tip becomes fully lit. This helps make the hash wraps burn evenly. Take slow and deep inhales and enjoy yourself! It is best to share with friends as these hash wraps pack quite a strong punch!

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