How to Press Hash Rosin Using Vacuum Bag Tek (Clear Tek)

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Vacuum Bag Tek | Clear Tek by Gutenberg’s Dank Pressing Co.

What is Vacuum Bag Tek (Clear Tek)?

The solventless community is constantly evolving its practices, techniques, and concepts when it comes to the production of hash and rosin. Vacuum Bag Tek (also known as Clear Tek) is one of those evolutions. Hash makers realized that the less time your hash spends on the press, the better your hash rosin will be. The heat from your press plates will eventually cause you to lose valuable terpenes leaving your hash rosin less tasty than it could be. Vacuum Bag Tek is used to produce hash rosin in a more efficient way that leaves you with some of the best stuff people can make.

The basic principle is to use a vacuum sealer to remove all the air from your rosin bag filled with hash – referred to as a no-heat pre-press. There are other advantages to using this technique and we will get into them a bit later. We will also discuss exactly how to perform Vacuum Bag Tek. It is something that the average home presser can easily accomplish and up their hash game. 

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Benefits of Pressing Hash Rosin Using Vacuum Bag Tek (Clear Tek)

There are several benefits to utilizing Vacuum Bag Tek when pressing hash rosin. Many find that using this technique can increase the quality of your has rosin. It also seems that this technique can make your process of pressing more efficient and less wasteful. 

When pressing hash rosin, many people pre-press their hash on low heat with their rosin press. The heat from the rosin press, even at low temperatures, can cause you to lose terpenes that could make your hash more appealing. Some also find that the hash rosin produced is clearer than with traditional techniques (hence the name “Clear Tek”). 

This technique also helps to remove air from the rosin bag so you can avoid blowouts and so the hash can be pressed more quickly. More time spent on the press means more valuable terpenes are lost due to the heat of the press. If you add too much pressure too quickly, you risk a blowout. Vacuum Bag Tek allows pressers to decrease time on the press because the hash has been pre-greased by the vacuum sealing process. This also decreases the risk of a blowout. Many find it also helps them to press more hash at a time, saving you time and effort.

Another benefit to using Vacuum Bag Tek is that after you remove all the air with the vacuum sealer, you can let the hash sit until you are ready to press it. This can help streamline your pressing process. 

Benefits of Using Vacuum Bag Tek

  • Pre-grease hash with no heat
  • Pre-greased hash needs less time on the press, avoiding the loss of terpenes
  • Results in a clearer extract
  • Removes all air so your risk of a blowout is decreased
  • Can press more at a time
  • Can save the pre-greased hash to be pressed at a later, more convenient time

How to Press Hash Rosin Using Vacuum Bag Tek (Clear Tek)

Using Vacuum Bag Tek is a pretty straight forward process. To begin, fill your rosin bag with hash. Typically for hash rosin pressing, you want to use either 25 or 37 micron rosin bags. You may also consider double bagging or triple bagging. This can increase the strength of your bags so you decrease the risk of a blowout even further.

Once your hash is sealed inside your rosin bag, it is time to perform the no-heat pre-press with the aid of your vacuum sealer. Wrap a piece of parchment paper around your rosin bag (this can help keep the rosin bag from sticking to the inside of the vacuum seal bag). Place the parchment-wrapped rosin bags into a vacuum seal bag.

Now, turn on the vacuum sealer and remove all the air from inside. Let the rosin bags sit inside of the vacuum sealed bag until the hash has greased up. This could take around 45 minutes, but you can also let it sit for longer until you are ready to press. Once you are ready to press, remove the rosin bags from the vacuum sealed bag and proceed as you usually would. Check out our full guide on how to press hash rosin for more specific information: 

How to Use Vacuum Bag Tek to Press Hash Rosin

  • Fill your rosin bags with hash
    • 25 or 37 micron is usually best
    • You may consider double or triple bagging for added strength
  • Wrap a piece of parchment paper around the filled rosin bag
  • Place inside the vacuum seal bag
  • Activate the vacuum sealer to remove all air
  • Let sit, while still sealed, for around 45 minutes
  • Remove the rosin bags from the vacuum seal bag and press as you usually would


Vacuum Bag Tek, also known as Clear Tek, is when you use a vacuum sealer to pre-grease your hash before pressing hash rosin. This no-heat pre-press can allow you to retain terpenes you may have lost otherwise and produce hash rosin with more clarity. The pre-greased hash can be pressed more quickly which is what saves you from losing terpenes. Pressing more quickly can increase the risk of a blowout if there are air bubbles present, but when you use Vacuum Bag Tek, the vacuum sealer removes all air from your rosin bag. This technique can also help you to press more at a time since your risk of a blowout is decreased.

To perform Vacuum Bag Tek, simply place your rosin bags into a vacuum bag and activate the vacuum sealer to remove all the air and pre-grease your hash. It can be helpful to wrap your rosin bags in a piece of parchment paper before placing them into the vacuum bag. Without the parchment paper, your rosin bags may stick to the inside of the vacuum bag. After you have removed all the air and let the hash sit so it can grease up, then you can proceed to press hash rosin as you normally would (check out the full hash rosin pressing guide here).

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