When it comes to pressing flower, there are many different factors that come into play for what your rosin output will be like. Many of these factors can include flower strain, temperature pressed at, amount of time pressed, the PSI of the press, and humidity of the flower. For this article, we’ll dive in to explaining the mechanics behind the humidity of the flower being pressed.





How Humid Should My Flower Be For Pressing Flower Rosin?




Short answer: Our research finds the range of 55%-70% humidity is the sweet spot for obtaining great flower rosin results.


Out of all the factors that come into play when producing high quality flower rosin, many rosin pressers mainly focus on quality of the flower material. Everyone knows that saying in the rosin industry, “fire in, fire out”. This is very true, however, many people overlook the other factors when pressing their material. After quality of the flower material, humidity is the next biggest role that comes into play for rosin output. Usually first time rosin pressers are disappointed in their low yield output because they are unaware that dry flower won’t produce great results.




Pressing Dry Flower Produces Bad Results




This is because dry flower materials needs moisture, so when it is pressed, the rosin gets soaked back up before it can even filter out. This is a mistake a lot of beginner rosin pressers make. The mistake is when people leave their flower material out in the air to dry and it will go well below optimal humidity levels for pressing flower material.




What Humidity Should I Press Flower Rosin?




From our research, it is best to press your flower at 55-70% humidity. Reference the rosin humidity infograph below:




Flower Rosin Humidity



Notice that pressing flower at humidity levels on 53% or lower may soaked up your precious rosin like a sponge. Any flower in the humidity range of 66% or higher runs risk of growing mold.. We recommend storing flower material in an air tight container so the humidity level does not lower easily.



How Do I Check The Humidity of My Flower?




Rosin pressers can check the humidity levels of their flower material using a hygrometer. Storing flower material in an air tight container with a humidity pack will significantly help keep optimal levels for pressing. Digital caliber hygrometers are available for cheap on Amazon.






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