How to Roll a Hash Hole Joint Beautifully

What is a Hash Hole?

Hash Holes, also known as donut holes, snake holes, or wormholes, are, at the most basic level, infused joints. If you have ever had the pleasure to smoke a Hash Hole, you know that it is so much more than just an infused joint. Hash holes are the epitome of combining your favorite cannabis flower with your favorite hash product. The smoke is deep and rich, the flavor is lovely, and the high can be quite potent.

The term hash hole comes from the appearance of the joint. When rolled properly, you can clearly see that the cannabis flower nicely wraps around a snake of hash. The snake of hash in the center resembles a hole in the cannabis flower, hence the term hash hole. It is generally accepted that hash holes were first brought to the community by California-based Fidel’s. Rolling your own hash holes is easier than you may think!

If you can roll a joint well, chances are you can learn to roll a proper Hash Hole as well. Like most things in life, this of course takes a bit of practice, but it is an achievable goal. Let’s take a look at what it takes to roll and smoke a hash hole. 

How to Roll a Hash Hole Joint

how to roll a hash hole joint
How to Roll a Hash Hole Joint by Gutenberg’s Dank Pressing Co.

What You’ll Need

  • Cannabis flower (about 1.5 grams)
  • Hash (rosin or bubble) (about 0.3 grams)
  • Rolling paper (preferably king size)
  • Crutch / joint tip / filter tip
  • Rolling tray (optional)
  • Cigar glue (optional)

Choose Your Cannabis Flower

When choosing the cannabis flower you use, the most important thing to consider is what strains do you love? These joints are all about experiencing a next level smoke with whatever tickles your fancy; so choose what you like best! Ideally, your flower should be properly hydrated and fresh. Flower that is too dry will burn more quickly than fresh flower. A slow burn is ideal for hash holes so that the hash can burn evenly with the flower.

Choose Your Hash

Like with the flower, choose a strain of hash that you most enjoy or that you believe will best complement your flower choice. There are many different consistencies that bubble hash and hash rosin come in, but budder or badder is the most useful for rolling hash holes. A budder consistency is easily formed into the snake shape necessary for rolling a hash hole. If you are using bubble hash, you can choose to break it up into small bits and this can work just fine.

Roll It

First things first, prepare your flower and hash. Grind the flower up using a grinder. Roll the hash between your fingers to make a snake that is as about ⅞ as long as your joint paper (you need leave room for the filter tip).

Now, lay your joint paper flat and put most of the flower down onto the paper (remember to leave room at the end for the filter tip). Take your hash snake and lay it down in the center of the flower so it runs from one side to the other (longways). Next, use your remaining flower to cover the hash snake. 

Place the filter tip on the side of the joint that matches your dominant hand (i.e. right handed people place the filter tip on the right side). Take the joint between your thumbs and pointer fingers and begin to slowly roll back and forth. This helps to shape the flower into a cylinder with the hash snake neatly placed in the center. 

Once you have a firm cylinder, begin to tuck the joint paper in and roll up towards the top. Work your way from the filter end to the open end. When it is fully rolled up either lick the gum strip to seal it or use your cigar glue (you may consider cigar glue if these joints are for others than yourself). 

This can take some practice to do properly, especially if you are not used to rolling king sized papers. Don’t beat yourself up, it’s not the easiest thing in the world! 

Smoke It

Joint is rolled and you’re ready to smoke that puppy! Although you may be very excited, remember to take your time. Smoking the joint too quickly will most likely result in the flower burning quicker than the hash snake. Take slow and deep inhales. We hope you enjoy your hash hole! Now, go and impress your friends by rolling a joint unlike anything they have smoked before.

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