Pressing Rosin with a Hair Straightener

So you want to press some rosin but do not own or have access to a rosin press? No problem! In this article we are going to discuss how to press rosin, even without the use of a rosin press. There are many reasons why you may not own or have access to a rosin press. They are bulky to store and relatively expensive to acquire for some.

This does not have to stop you from pressing rosin! It can be accomplished using your typical hair straightener. It takes just a few minutes to do and the rosin can be consumed immediately. Enjoy the fruits of your labor with no lag time between the press and your dab nail. Let’s get into this a bit more and discover just what it takes to be pressing rosin with a hair straightener.

pressing rosin with a hair straightener
Pressing Rosin with a Hair Straightener by Gutenberg’s Dank Pressing Co.

Why Press Rosin?

Rosin is considered to be the most top tier cannabis concentrate. It is made without the use of solvents like butane, it is extremely flavorful, and it is highly potent. Concentrates like shatter and crumble and diamond sauces are made with butane extractions (BHO – butane hash oil) so there is a chance of residuals in your dabs. Properly extracted BHO products will do you no harm, but some prefer to avoid it entirely by smoking solventless products like flower rosin and hash rosin.

Unlike dangerous butane extraction setups, rosin can be produced safely in the comfort of your own home. All you need is heat and pressure! You can press your rosin in just minutes and enjoy it immediately after it is pressed. There is a real sense of accomplishment when you produce your own dabs. So maybe the question is not “Why should I press rosin”, but rather the question is, “Why are you not already pressing rosin”?

Pressing Rosin with a Hair Straightener

Materials for Pressing Rosin with a Hair Straightener

You really do not need much to get started pressing your very own rosin. All it takes is some heat, pressure, and filtration. For heat, a hair straightener can be used as a good low cost alternative to the traditional rosin press. You want your hair straightener to be able to heat to 200℉ as this is ideal for pressing rosin.

At this temperature you will preserve all the flavor while also getting the most out of your press. It can also be useful to have a hair straightener with a digital temperature display so you can be as accurate as possible. Hair straighteners like these can be found for about $100.

For pressure, you can use brute force, your own body weight, or a hand/table clamp. More pressure usually means higher yields so you may want to consider going the hand/table clamp route.

You can filter your rosin using rosin bags. Rosin bags are made of a very fine nylon mesh that will hold in unwanted plant material while allowing that sweet, sweet rosin to flow through. Other materials you will need are your starting material (obviously), parchment paper (never wax paper!), a dab tool, a glass storage jar, and a study flat top surface to work on. That’s it!

Materials for Pressing Rosin with a Hair Straightener

  • Hair straightener that can heat to 200℉
  • Starting material (flower, kief, hash)
  • Parchment paper (never wax paper)
  • Dab tool
  • Glass or silicone storage jar
  • Rosin bag (optional)
  • Hand or table clamp (optional)

Why You Should Use a Rosin Bag

2.5x4 25 pack 50u rosin bags

Although it is possible to press flower rosin without the use of a rosin bag, that does not mean it is the best idea. Rosin bags are meant to filter your rosin so it is as clean as possible. The fine nylon mesh of a rosin bag holds in the unwanted plant material while allowing the heat and pressure to squeeze your desired rosin out through the mesh.More filtration means cleaner rosin. 


The process is pretty much the same regardless if you are pressing flower rosin or pressing hash rosin. Basically you will place your starting material (either in a rosin bag or not) inside a folded sheet of parchment paper. Then you will center the parchment paper on the heated plates of the hair straightener or flat iron.

Finally, apply pressure by squeezing, standing/sitting on, pushing, or clamping the hair straightener. The combination of heat and pressure will squeeze the rosin from your starting material. Your rosin is ready to enjoy immediately! Be sure to store it in an airtight glass or silicone container.

Step-By-Step Guide for Pressing Rosin with a Hair Straightener

  •   Heat up your hair straightener to about 200-250℉
    • If your hair straightener does not go the low, heat it to the lowest setting the unplug it and allow to cool for a minute before beginning the press
  •   Place your starting material into your rosin bag (optional)
    • Break your flower into small-to-medium sized buds
    • Remove any stems
    • Avoid any air pockets
    • Leave ½ inch of space at the top to fold over
  •   Place your starting material or filled rosin bag into a folded piece of
      parchment paper
  •   Clamp the parchment between the heated hair straightener plates
  •   Use your body weight or the hand/table clamp to add pressure
  •   Keep adding pressure for about 1 minute or until you see the material
      stop bubbling
  •   Remove the pressure and heat and let it cool for a few minutes
  •   Use your dab tool to collect the rosin from the parchment paper
  •   Store your rosin in either a glass or silicone storage jar
  •   The rosin can be enjoyed right away!

Advantages of Using a Hair Straightener

There are some advantages to pressing rosin with a hair straightener rather than a traditional rosin press. For one, the hair straightener is definitely cheaper than a typical rosin press. It is also lightweight and a small size so it stores easily. You do not need much room to use it either. Hair straighteners are a wonderful low-cost option to press smaller amounts of rosin.

Downsides of Using a Hair Straightener

Of course there are some downsides to pressing rosin with a hair straightener rather than a rosin press. Compared to hydraulic and pneumatic rosin presses, the manual labor involved when pressing with a hair straightener is much greater. You have to put some work in to achieve the necessary pressures to successfully press rosin.

On a similar note, pressing rosin with a hair straightener will not produce enough pressure or have enough plate space to press larger quantities of rosin. You are limited to a gram or two at a time. Although this is probably for the best because if you are pressing larger quantities, you will want a high degree of accuracy on your heated elements and pressure application; both of which are not achievable with a hair straightener. 


You can quickly and easily press rosin right at home with the use of a hair straightener. Hair straighteners are a great low cost option to press rosin. They are much cheaper than rosin presses and can be the perfect tool for those pressing just a gram or two at a time. There are certain things a hair straightener lacks including accurate temperature and pressure control, and hydraulic or pneumatic pressing which make pressing larger quantities much easier. If you decide to use a hair straightener, make sure it can heat to around 200°F. Happy pressing!

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